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Foreign Direct Investments Projects

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About InvestorsWing  

InvestorsWing is an Investment Promotion Platform designed to fully promote General Investment Opportunities, Incentives and Attractions in the 36 Nigerian states via a system designed called "SHEDPros" (Explore, Design, Showcase, Promote and Sell). 

The Platform will focus on Exploring, Designing, Showcasing, Promoting, and Selling Projects, on four major Pillars of investment i.e. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Small & Medium Enterprises, Startups and surely Sustainable Development Projects so as to seek and attract investors to invest across the states in sectors like: Agribusiness, Banking & Finance, Education, Renewable & Sustainable Energy, Health Care, Sports & Leisure, Infrastructure & Real Estate, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Tourism & Hospitality, Telecommunication, Trading & Logistics and finally Transportation. ...More

The Platform

InvestorsWing is a platform that showcases Business opportunities, Investment Opportunities & Attractions, Insights and Analysis on investment & Business atmosphere in Nigeria, Business Plans, Concepts & Ideas, Reports on various aspects of investment within the four initiated pillars of investment i.e. FDI's, SME's, Startups and surely Sustainable Development Projects.

Regional Economic Development Vision 2030 (RedV2030) is initiated by the platform to promote regional economic development within the six geopolitical zones as well as bringing Regional Economic Unity, Incentives and foster Sustainable Development, The Initiation will also go inline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Project, whereby the platform aimed to bring 100 sustainable development projects to the pilot selected region through and before the year 2030 via the RedV2030 project and vision. ... More

Available Projects
FDI Projects
SME Projects
Startups Projects
Sustainable Projects


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