About InvestorsWing

InvestorsWing is an Investment Promotion Platform designed to fully promote General Investment Opportunities, Incentives and Attractions in the 36 Nigerian states, via a system designed called "SHEDPros" (Explore, Design, Showcase, Promote and Sell). 

The Platform will focus on Exploring, Designing, Showcasing, Promoting, and Selling Projects, on four major Pillars of investment i.e. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Small & Medium Enterprises, Startups and surely Sustainable Development Projects so as to seek and attract investors to invest across the states in sectors like: Agribusiness, Banking & Finance, Education, Renewable & Sustainable Energy, Health Care, Sports & Leisure, Infrastructure & Real Estate, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Tourism & Hospitality, Telecommunication, Trading & Logistics and finally Transportation. 

InvestorsWing is a one stop investment shop where Investors, Entrepreneurs and startups, Global Leaders as well as stakeholders can explore various opportunities, Resources, and Projects that are ready for a potential investors to invest, incentives and thousands of startup projects that seek and looking for seed funding from venture capitals or serial entrepreneur. 

The Platform

InvestorsWing is a platform that showcases Business opportunities, Investment Opportunities & Attractions, Insights and Analysis on investment & Business atmosphere in Nigeria, Business Plans, Concepts & Ideas, Reports on various aspects of investment within the four initiated pillars of investment i.e. FDI's, SME's, Startups and Sustainable Development Projects.

Regional Economic Development Vision 2030 (RedV2030) is initiated by the platform to promote regional economic development within the six geopolitical zones as well as bringing Regional Economic Unity, Incentives and foster Sustainable Development, The Initiation will also go inline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Project, whereby the platform is aimed to bring 100 sustainable development projects to the pilot selected region through and before the year 2030 via the RedV2030 project and vision.

The Platform will on it's own design business plans, concepts and develop ideas base on the resources and attractions available in each state and make them available online for investors across the world to explore and invest. The Platform will as well make available projects from Federal and State Governments, Private Organisations and individual entrepreneurs that are looking for investors available via a well designed, secured and user friendly system. 

The platform will offer Government & Agencies, Entrepreneurs, Startups and Venture Capitals a system to interact, network and explore Business plans, Business Proposals, Business Ideas and Concepts as well as other Attractions for G2G, G2B, and B2B. 

The Platform will partner with many international IPA's to promote, attend/participate and organize intellectual and fruitful investment Promotion events and gathering. 

InvestorsWing is an Investment Project Tank

Additional Sources of Investment Projects, Proposals and Ideas

Government/Government Agencies Projects


Government or Government Agencies Initiated projects that has vast opportunities are available for Entrepreneurs, Global Leaders, Investors and all other stakeholders to access, explore and invest between G2G and G2B platform of Investment.

Private Organisations

Investment Proposals and opportunities from Private Organization and or companies are available as well for entrepreneurs, VC's and all other Stakeholders to explore and invest between B2B platform of Investment.

Enterpreneurs, Startups & Individuals

Projects, Ideas and Plans from Startups, Individuals, and Entrepreneurs will massively be available for Venture Capitals, Major Entrepreneurs to venture into by funding with Seed Funding and other forms of funding from Venture Capitals.

Lead Partners

Strategic Partners

Supporting Partners

Media Partners