Regional Incentives:

Regional Incentives depends on the potentials and resources available in each Region and the scale of the local economy. Nigeria can be divided into three regions; Southern Region, Northern Region and the Central Region, if not considering the six geopolitical zones. All these regions have their predominant Investment Opportunities, Resources and Attractions as well as Extent and value of the investment. If considering the six Geopolitical Zones, the country is divided in to six Zones, i.e. North-West, North-East, North-Central, South-South, South-East, South-West. 

Regional Economic Development Vision 2030 (RedV2030) initiated project of this platform will work with all the states Investment Promotion Agencies as well as Investment & Development stakeholders to develop new strategies, policies and incentives for each of the six geopolitical zones, these will be base on the resources and attractions in each state and the region as well as their scale of economy. 

Investors can get tax based incentives, capital incentives base on the sector of investment, Export/Import duty and Tax Relief, as well as 100% Profit Repatriation in all the regions in Nigeria. In the Northern and Central Regions, Land is abundantly Available, therefore, land can be easily accessed within these regions no matter the size and location.

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