Silvex International Limited is a wholly indigenous and rapidly growing integrated agribusiness, mining and logistics company with diverse interest in commodity aggregation, processing and trading. 

The company seeks to meet the technical objectives in areas of locally researched and reliable products and services, which would enable them, deliver their products and services to reputable local and international buyers in timely manner. Silvex at all time use the standard of international best practices to eliminate any form of unethical dealings, and shall at all times ensure that they provide both quality products and services as well as fair pricing to their esteemed customers.

The companies resources are people driven; equipment and facilities; humane sourcing and trading credentials. While, their strength is based on their strong passion for teamwork orientation; technology focused; smart production and safety processing; similarly, they pay attention to proximity and viable network of customers and suppliers; reliable and timely deliveries; value added services as well as quick cash collection strategy as permitted within the ambit of financial regulations.

Silvex at all times have strategic partnership with firms and or persons who have innovative ideas for unlocking and enhancing the growth of agribusiness and or commodity dealings in Nigeria and beyond.

They are also committed to build trust and cooperation with relevant stakeholders with a view to formulate workable framework, which would support Africans and African Governments achieve self sufficiency, economic prosperity and food security as part of our corporate social responsibility(CSR).

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